Hues and Blues

March 1, 2020

About the site

My wife is a talented painter and artist. Armed with an Ipad and Procreate, she's making beautiful art to help brighten other people's days. Friends and family started requesting prints, so to keep up with growing demand, I built a headless Shopify art shop with Gatsby for her.

The website has a simple style to emphasize the artwork. The main goals of the site are to display her new artwork and provide an excellent shopping experience by focusing on simplicity and performance.

Below you can see an exmaple of a product page and the cart.

Hues and Blues Product page

Product Page

Hues and Blues Cart page

Shopping Cart


Helping manage this headless Shopify store has taught me how to work with Shopify, the Storefront API, and more about web development. In particular, I've learned about the following:

  • Increasing website performance by properly handling images
  • Handling edge cases and creating robust abstractions
  • Using integrations like Shopify and analytics effectively to help grow a business

See More

  • Visit the shop to see the blazing fast site in action or buy a print 🖌️🎨.

I'm Connor Lindsey, a developer and designer building web and mobile apps. Thanks for reading! Stay up to date with what I'm building by following me on Twitter.