Hi, I'm Connor

I design and build mobile and web applications, and I’m available for hire. Check out my work or contact me to talk about your next project.

Here's what I've been up to

Grafana LabsSoftware Engineering

I'm building open-source observability tooling, with an emphasis on tracing visualization and datasources like Jaeger, Zipkin, and Tempo.

Amazon Web ServicesSoftware Engineering

I worked on OpenTelemetry, an open source observability project, to support the launch of Amazon Managed Prometheus and Amazon Managed Grafana.

AncestryProduct Management

I led a cross-functional team in the research and design of a new machine learning system to redact millions of genealogical records annually.

I founded Maker Academy to make STEM education more accessible. I designed a robotics kit and curriculum which is being used in 3 Utah schools.

ScrimbaCourse Creator

I taught a course covering Vuex, which is featured in the Vuex documentation and has helped over 12,000 students learn Vuex.

My Recent Work

I'm a maker by nature. I love creating and exploring new technologies. Here are a few projects I've built for clients or fun involving web development, robotics, design, and more.

Athlete Guru

Marketing website for a premier athletic consulting company.



Mobile app to help neurodiverse people manage daily routines


Prometheus Remote Write Exporter

OpenTelemetry metrics exporter written in Go during my AWS internship


Maker Academy

Educational robotics kit created to teach high schoolers all about STEM.



Personal organization tool inspired by Monday and Trello.



Meal Calendar and Shopping Cart generator built with React



Personal Learning Campaigns

July 7, 2021

Learn how to craft personal learning campaigns. Creating varied, consistent, and automated campaigns will help you learn more effectively.

Why I care about design as a developer

February 2, 2020

Design and development go hand in hand. Learning a little design has helped me as a developer, problem solver, and human.

Making Education Accessible Through Community

March 9, 2019

Open source and community can fuel the change required to make education widely accessible

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